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Big Eyes Art and Artists

Welcome to what we hope will become the information site about the genre of art referred to as 'Big Eyes'.

Big Eye artists flourished during the 1960's primarily. Their work was largely considered mainstream consumer-oriented decoration - and, thus, beneath the contempt of the art community in general. Indeed, prints of popular works were sold by the millions to homes all across the United States and England (and possibly other countries as well).

Today, with our post-smartass culture, the Big Eyes art is valued almost exclusively from the standpoint of being kitsch - that is, hipsters like it because it's 'so bad it's good,' or the sweet innocence of the youths portrayed - and it's almost always children or teenaged girls - is presented as some sort of ironic statement.

But!  There are those of us who love it for its own sake. We don't mock it or seek irony in it - we judge it on its own merits.

The thing is, not much is known about many of these artists, who often worked under pseudonyms. But what we will do is present as much information as we can gather, and show as many of these artists' works as we can collect.

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