Like several other Big Eye artists, we (well, *I*) don't know who Lee was. But she (I assume her to be female) is one of the most easily recognized and prolific artists of this genre. Her hip kids dancing to their record collections are often the first image people think of when they think of Big Eyed art of the 1960's. Her work clearly emphasizes the best of what this art is all about: innocence and youth - and, with the hindsight of a few decades, nostalgia for a less complicated era.

The four vertical images on the left above are commonly referred to as 'The Mods' - and the puzzle box at the right clearly refers to the one print by that title. These are undoubtedly Lee's most popular pieces. Note that the second image is also a puzzle; many of Lee's images were turned into mass-marketed puzzles.

Here are two more pieces; the left is a puzzle, titled 'The Love Song,' while the right one, if I recall correctly, was also a puzzle (although this image shown here is a framed print). Note the very pursed, triangular mouth on these kids.

Here are two more Mod-ish kids in popular images by the artist. Images from this series are fairly common also.

I call this series 'Beach Kids', and these aren't quite as common. The art style on the faces seems a bit more 'streamlined' than on the images above.

Note the art style on the prints shown above. It's a bit more 'cartoony' and mainstream than the work we've seen so far. Could it be that there was more than one artist signing her/his name in the familiar cursive 'Lee' signature, or did the artist simply paint in (slightly) different styles in varying materials?

Here we have a harlequin child, very common in Big Eye art, and it's an African-American boy - not so common. But, this kid shows the familiar triangle-shaped mouth which is very emblematic of the artist's work.

Yes, Lee also did animals, and several of these were made into puzzles as well. Gig was the most popular and easily-recognized animal artist (with emaciated puppies and kitties in urban settings, usually) but Lee also accounts for a portion of that sub-genre.

Note: As more images are discovered or donated, I will continue updating this page.

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